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Concrete Cutting & Coring, Wall Cutting, Slab Cutting, Demolition & Debris Removal

Concrete Coring

Concrete Cutting

Our core drilling specialists can provide accurate circular cuts in concrete for various Residential & Commercial applications. Our highly trained staff have the ability to use a variety of different concrete cutting techniques to best suit the needs of the job. Depending on the job requirements, holes can be cut through walls, floors and ceilings for electrical, plumbing, heating, sewer, and sprinklers. Call Kingzcrete today to discuss your particular needs.

  • Clean & Efficient
  • Locally Owned
  • Licensed & Insured
  • Quick Resonse Time
  • Experienced Professional Staff
  • Honest Pricing

Concrete Slab Cutting

sarasota concrete cutting service

Diamond Slab Cutting is a quick, safe, and efficient method of cutting concrete. Cutting a slab of concrete can eliminate jackhammering and will greatly reduce dust for easy demolition, removal and debris removal.  From curb and path removal to concrete slab repairs, concrete cutting is effective and cost saving option for your commercial or residential needs. Call Kingzcrete Construction to discuss your needs today.

  • Experienced Staff

  • Timely Competion Of All Projects

  • Clean & Efficient
  • Straight & Clean Edges

Wall cutting is used on vertical surfaces where a new doorway, window or HVAC opening is required.  Wall cutting allows for precise cuts in both concrete and masonry structures. Call us for details or a free quote.

  • Straight, accurate openings cut in walls, ceilings, and floors
  • Residential, Commercial & Industrial
  • Accurately Sized
  • Licensed & Insured

Kingzcrete Construction LLC can help you restore and repair any previous cuts and holes from your existing concrete projects. Concrete cutting and coring can leave holes or gaps that need to be filled complete the job. Once the original removal work has served its purpose, we can replace the concrete to seal any holes created and enure the new concrete matches the old.

  • Residential, Commercial & Industrial
  • Small & Large Concrete Pour Backs
  • High Quality Materials
  • Free Estimates

Demolition & Debris Removal

We offer demolition and removal services of exsisting concrete structures. We will tear down and remove any objects or structures that are beyond repair or need to simply go. We also offer land grading services to prepare your newly cleared area for its next project. Call Kingzcrete Construction LLC for details.

  • Demolition & Removal

  • Land Clearing & Grading

  • Residential & Commercial

  • Free Estimates, Licensed & Insured

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